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A series of seven Commissions

A series of seven Commissions

Ludwig Museum in Budapest announced an open call for collaborative art commission, as part of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) earlier on. After a competitive process, seven projects were selected. These projects will run between March and November in 2017 covering the following areas and social issues:

Artists in classrooms: Schools will hand their classrooms over to the artists and they will solve the problems together through creative approaches. Artists will be working in the classroom for several months. Artists involved: Krisztina Erdei, Judit Fischer, József R. Juhász, Miklós Mécs, Miklós Soltis, Ágnes Szabics, Zsófia Szemző, Dávid Utcai.

Dragon Lee: Working with young people who live without resources, artists will produce their work based on a true storyline, using the form of theatre and puppetry. Artists: Gruppo Tökmag (Tamás Budha, András Tábori).

To be continued?: Summer festivals often take place in small villages where visitors spend some days together in a festival atmosphere, but do not meet locals living in that area. The artist will work with the local and festival community to address this issue as part of the Gyüttment Festival in the Hungarian countryside. Artist: Tibor Gyenis.

We will see!: Five artists will work with blind people searching for an answer to the question: what do we see with? Artists involved: Emese Benczúr, Imre Mariann, Kamilla Szíj, Henrietta Szira, Hajnalka Tarr.

Floating House: Homes that were designed by children with severe disadvantaged backgrounds will be transformed into one symbolic home. The artist will build it with the children. This home will float on the water of a dam that flooded years ago near the area where the children live. Artist: Bence Zsin

“I like being a farmer, and I would like to stay one”: It focuses on the rural condition and the economic and cultural transformation of the countryside in the past 25-30 years; from the vantage points of three farmers coming from different regions and working in different areas of agriculture in Hungary. The project’s starting point is a barter trade to farmers: a painting that the artist makes of their farmstead, in exchange for a film that the farmers shoot about how they live and work. Artist: Antje Schiffers, Curator: Katalin Erdődi.

Arboretum: Both established and emerging artists work together to experiment on knowledge transfer between generations in an era when communication among different age groups is especially challenging. Malvina Antal, Márk Kovács, Fanni Lakos, Gergő Lukács, Viktória Makra, Ádám Munkácsi, Kristóf Szabó.

These projects will be completed by the end of November. It is expected to have tangible outcomes in each location. Preparation for the dissemination will be started in November. Dissemination of the results will be taken place in Ludwig Museum in the format of an exhibition which is open to the public, giving a high status to collaborative art working in Hungary.

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