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Floating House

Floating House (Úszó Ház)

Artist Bence Zsin’s proposal was to design and build a symbolic piece, with mentally challenged young students coming from disadvantaged background, in collaboration with their parents, local citizens, NGOs, professors and artists-to-be from the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, University of Pécs. Zsin aimed at reflecting the ideas of heritage, place, community, family with an absolute focus on the underprivileged children’s perspective.

The idea of the Floating Home emerged from children who live in a remote area and were influenced by the deserted mining lakes. This symbolic home needed a place, a home for itself. This recognition led to the ritual of letting the house sail to the middle of a lake, which was carried out by the local community and children. The Floating Home symbolised our loneliness and the importance of community and togetherness at the same time; especially when darkness settled in and the house was lit, we could marvel at its isolated yet magnificent appearance and appreciate the warmth it reflects around itself – resembling how home should feel for all of us.

There were several layers in the project, the most important one reflected through the development process. These young people could engage and became very much attached to the final artwork – the Floating House.

This project involved 20 children and their parents with about 100 attendees to the event. The whole creative process will be exhibited and the results will be disseminated in Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest from 30 January 2018.


COMMUNITY_ young people, local citizens, underprivileged community

ART FORM_ performance, site specific action

Gallery -

Hungary Mar - Jun 2017

Rücker–akna lake near Pécs

ARTIST_ Bence Zsin

PARTNER_ Ludwig Múzeum