As lead partner, Create appointed Berlin based Dr. Susanne Bosch as the principal Artist-Researcher for the duration of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme. A selected number of CAPP workshops, residencies and commissions were considered through this research process. Dr. Bosch applied an arts-based, ethnographic approach, which created one to one encounters with CAPP partners, artists, constituencies and collaborators. Throughout the four years, she also attended all partner meetings and the five Staging Posts, where she conducted sessions with the partners to generate processes of collective knowledge production. In addition to her ongoing research, Dr. Bosch acted as a critical friend to the CAPP partner network, facilitating relevant aspects of the partnership meetings using methods from Art of Hosting or methods developed by artist peers, as well as collaborating with lead partner Create in drafting the agenda in agreement with host partners. For Practice and Power the culminating dissemination event of CAPP in June 2018, Dr. Bosch presented her research through various platforms. These included: a substantial essay for the CAPP publication Learning in Public: transEuropean collaborations in socially engaged arts, exhibitions in both 2 Curved Street the event hub for Practice and Power and the LAB Gallery as part of the exhibition I Slept Like a Stone and a specially created sound work The Realm of Possibility – An Acoustic Footprint which reflected the polyphonic nature of the critical analysis as it was emerging in the CAPP network.

The Research aspect of the CAPP website is designed to give the visitor a sense of the reach and depth of Dr. Bosch’s research process.



Read Susanne Bosch’s essay “Where values emerge: an in-depth exploration of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme’s process, discoveries and learning”, extracted from the CAPP publication Learning in Public: transEuropean collaborations in socially engaged art.

Where Values Emerge

The realm of possibility - An acoustic footprint


Over the last four years, Susanne Bosch, CAPP Artist Researcher, gathered about 200 hours of audio recordings from the CAPP network meetings, events, dialogues, conversations and exchanges. She captured countless moments attempting to verbally de-construct and newly construct this field of interconnectedness through collaborative arts. A sound piece has been developed in collaboration with composer, musician and producer Seán Mac Erlaine that captures the polyphonic nature of this practice and the multi-layered, complex web of conversations.

The sound piece is 20 min long, contains 20 different voices and was developed for both stereo listening as well as Dolby 5.1 surround environments.

PARTNER Susanne Bosch