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To be continued

To be continued? From Soil to Wall
Folytatjuk? Földtől falig

Artist Tibor Gyenis’s aim was to strengthen the relationship between urban and rural culture. For this, the perfect place was the Gyüttment Festival in Oszkó. This festival is held in different places every year, it becomes a brief encounter that festival visitors get closer to the host village. The goal of the project was to establish different connections between the village and the visitors of the festival. It aimed to explore the possibilities of co-operation involving local knowledge and materials.

The eco-friendly pavilion was built by festival volunteers and attendees. The Gyüttment Festival collaborated with the Regio Earth – 1st Central European Pavilion Festival, so the construction led by the artist contributed to both programme. Several festival activities took place in the pavilion as well, and the constructional techniques were displayed as a demonstration onsite. As a result, the project attracted wide interests throughout the process. It generated a lot of discussions between festival goers and the locals.

During the festival, the pavilion continued its function as a meeting point and a festival base for the volunteers. At the end of the festival, the artist and his team dismantled the building with the help of the locals and volunteers. This act was performed in a ritual way. It was another great community-building experience for the participants.

There were cameras set at the building site and at the festival, so they were continuously recording the activities. Furthermore, a two-man crew conducted interviews with experts in construction and loam building.

The project involved more than 10 volunteers, many locals and festival goers as well as experts in building traditional homes. The festival attracted about 3,000 visitors. The whole creative process will be exhibited and the results disseminated in Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest from 30 January 2018.

A collaboration between Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art Budapest and Gyüttment Festival and Traditional House Building Inc. (Hagyományos Házépítő Kft) as part of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) – Open Call for a socially engaged commission.


Gallery -

Hungary May - Oct 2017

Oszkó, ‘Gyüttment’ Festival

ARTIST_ Tibor Gyenis

PARTNER_ Ludwig Múzeum