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Sharing Processes exhibition tour & Rethinking the Periphery in Pamplona, Spain

Sharing Processes exhibition tour & Rethinking the Periphery in Pamplona, Spain

As a legacy of hablarenarte’s CAPP residency Rethinking the Container, the architecture collectives Orekari Estudio (Pamplona) and Enter This (Berlin) start their new project Rethinking the Periphery in peripherical areas of Pamplona in October 2018. The project proposes a reflection on the periphery – how culture could arrive there and how a relationship between the different villages and suburbs as well as with the center could be achieved. Along with this, the project proposes to delve into the needs, demands and problems the inhabitants of these places live with on a daily basis in order to make collective proposals of cultural activation responding to these. During the process “external eyes”- residents will follow the process. The first resident is Susanne Bosch, artist and researcher from Berlin who, among other works, is the official artist-researcher of CAPP. Susanne will be in Pamplona from October 22 to November 4, 2018 to observe the processes in the Etxabakoitz neighborhood.

During the same time there will be also the last stop of hablarenarte’s CAPP touring exhibition Sharing Processes opening on October 31 in Huarte/Pamplona at Centro Huarte. The exhibition showcases 14 CAPP projects. It consists of 10 documentation spaces in which visitors can get to know CAPP through videos, texts, objects and photographs. A special focus at the exhibition in Huarte will be put on the residency project that Enter This and Orekari Estudio developed there in 2017.

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Rethinking the Periphery
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