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Residency at Centro Huarte – Rethinking the Container

As part of the CAPP program, Centro Huarte and hablarenarte are jointly organising a residency program between November 2016 and July 2017 to work on the structure of the cultural center, as well as on popular perception of it.

Since its creation, Centro Huarte has been considered a major exhibition center in Huarte, a small town near Pamplona in a natural setting in northern Spain. From the start, the center has had difficulty filling its enormous space with meaningful proposals, due to budget limitations and the scant acceptance of this center by the local population. To solve these problems, the four new directors propose a complete transformation of the center’s structure and function, defining it as a space for artistic research and production.

The CAPP residency seeks to contribute to this change. An international competition titled “Rethinking the Container” (“Repensar el Contenedor”) was organized and the Enter This collective from Berlin was selected.

According to Enter This, the Centro Huarte is “something like an isolated mammoth with considerable potential.” Hence, they propose a work that brings out the context in which the center is located, the village of Huarte, with particular attention to its geographic and historical situation. The residency, which will be carried out in collaboration the Orekari architecture group from Pamplona, will attempt to generate a constructive proposal to connect the Centro Huarte with its surroundings, and this will not be limited to work on the building’s own space. The project will focus on the center’s social responsibility with regard to the local context.

The residency involves various phases. The first, from 21 to 27 November, 2016, involves participation in a laboratory about architecture in order to obtain first-hand knowledge of this space’s needs and to make contact with possible local collaborators. The second phase, which will be dedicated to research, consists of a one-month residency in Huarte between January and February 2017. During the third phase, between April and June 2017, the resident will return to the Centro Huarte to carry out an artwork—material or immaterial—in collaboration with local artists and agents and their local host, Orekari .


COMMUNITY_ Inhabitants of Huarte

ART FORM_ To be defined

CONTEXT_ Centro Huarte and the village of Huarte

Gallery -

Spain 1 Jan – 30 Jun 2017

Centro Huarte, Pamplona

ARTIST_ Enter This, Orekari

PARTNER_ Hablarenarte