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Maunula Remix: discursive exhibition event in Helsinki, Finland

Maunula Remix: discursive exhibition event in Helsinki, Finland

Maunula Remix, a discursive exhibition event concluded m-cult’s 3 years of collaborative art productions in Helsinki’s Maunula neighbourhood. The main event on Sunday 28 October was a long brunch discussion focusing on collaborative art, local influence and the role of art institutions.

The discussion covered questions such as What types of agencies emerge within locally rooted, collaborative art projects? How should we work with notions of influence and impact? What is demanded from art institutions working with collaborative and context-specific processes? The menu and talks were interlaced by performative interventions and screenings of art pieces.

Altogether 16 projects by 24 artists were produced by m-cult in context of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme and the Helsinki model art pilots in 2016-18. In the rolling film credits, m-cult acknowledged the participation and support of over 300 individuals, groups and organisations.

“It feels not like the end but giving birth to something new”, said m-cult’s Minna Tarkka, who hopes for a continuation of the work in Maunula.

The exhibition runs until 2 November. See here for more details.

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