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CAPP Research Residency – Meet You at the Green?: Successful Applicant

CAPP Research Residency – Meet You at the Green?: Successful Applicant

Create, Callan Workhouse and Trasna Productions are delighted to announce that the successful applicant for the Meet You at The Green? Research Residency is Dan Dorocic.

Dan Dorocic is a Berlin-based architect, geographer and environmental designer.

He holds a Master of Architecture with Distinction, from Bergen Arkitekthøgskole (BAS). He is co-founder of architecture collective onoff and co-founder of the art platform anti-forum.

Dan studied geoscience in Montreal at McGill University (B.Sc) whereupon he switched to work and study in Environmental Design in Toronto as well as Australia and Norway. Dan worked on a number of participatory design-build workshops in China, Korea, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Slovakia,Israel & Palestine Italy and elsewhere as an employee of onoff, antiforum and raumlaborberlin.

Dan has also curated a number of exhibitions Future Ruins architecture exhibition (2013), the Hardbakka Commons workshop & exhibition in Bergen, Norway (2014-2016) as well as works at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (2014 & 2016).

He is currently working on a publication on the theme of Co-machines, which documents a new multi-media mobile disruptive global architecture movement.

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