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Meet You at The Green?

Create’s Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) in partnership with Callan Workhouse Union and Trasna Productions are pleased to announce an International Residency Programme, Meet You at The Green?

Meet You at The Green? Research Residency is a two month residency to take place between February and May 2017 at Callan Workhouse Union (CWU). It is part of CAPP’s Residency Programme which seeks to explore new models of arts participation and cooperation and encourages exchange of artist’s methodologies and practices in context.

The aim of the Residency is to explore the possibilities of an engaged/ collaborative practice within the context of the Meet You at the Green? project, and the rich rural arts ecology of the town of Callan and surrounding region. The residency will support research and shared dialogue with curatorial support from the CWU team. As the residency develops CWU will make introductions and link the artist to various rural community groups and development organisations, local government agencies, planning authority, arts organisations and additional places and groups of interest.


ART FORM_ Architecture

Gallery -

Ireland 22 Feb - 21 Apr 2017


ARTIST_ Dan Dorocic