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Open Call for Participants – With For About: Making a Meal of It

Open Call for Participants – With For About: Making a Meal of It

Fifth Staging Post – With For About: Making a Meal of It

Date, Time & Venue:
17 April | 9:30am – 9:30pm | Town Hall, St Helens
18 April | 9:30am – 1pm | Tate Liverpool, Liverpool

The Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) is an ambitious transnational cultural programme focusing on the dynamic area of collaborative arts. The overall goal of CAPP is to improve and open up opportunities for artists who are working collaboratively across Europe, by enhancing mobility and exchange whilst at the same time engaging new publics and audiences for collaborative practices.

Heart of Glass hosts the fifth CAPP Staging Post titled With For About: Making a Meal of It. This Staging Post aims to create a space to discuss and reflect on the fierce and urgent questions facing collaborative and social art today, and more broadly reflect on the role of art and artists in civil society, and the nature and potential of collaborative art with and within community and social contexts.

In With For About: Making a Meal of It, our collective task is to produce a dinner course, present it in a meaningful way; document the process and the event; contribute to discussion; submit a page for publication.

Participants will explore the principles of collaboration through doing, and over the course of a day forge relationships, making a meal and creating meaning in the process. Reflections on this collective experience and knowledge would be shared with the wider sector.

While a large number of conference places have been allocated to our Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme partners, we are delighted to be able to offer a limited number of places through open call. Anyone interested in collaborative and social arts practice, or with experience of participating in the development or realisation of a collaborative project, is invited to apply. The conference is free to attend.

Those wishing to apply should send the following information to info@heartofglass.org.uk, no later than 5pm on Wednesday 28th March 2018:

  • Name & contact details
  • Short biography (up to 250 words)
  • In what ways will the opportunity to attend the conference benefit your artistic and professional development? (up to 350 words)

Please note a number of conference bursaries (up to £100 per individual) are available for artists and independent producers & curators to contribute towards travel, accommodation, subsistence, childcare and/or access costs. Priority will be given to those who would otherwise be unable to attend. Those wishing to apply should include (alongside the information outlined above), the following information:

  • Amount applied for (up to £100)
  • Brief explanation (2-3 sentences) of how the bursary will support attendance

All applicants will be notified week commencing 2nd April 2018.

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