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Launch events: Kira O’Reilly: Untitled (Bodies)

Launch events: Kira O’Reilly: Untitled (Bodies)

Helsinki book launch
15 November | 6pm | Tiedekulma / Think Corner

Dublin book launch
5 December | 6pm | Project Arts Centre

London book launch
6 December | 7pm | Barts Pathology Museum (part of Queen Mary University of London)
Please reserve a place


The works of interdisciplinary artist Kira O’Reilly use the uncertain boundaries of bodies as the starting point for their enquiry. Specifically, O’Reilly asks what kind of societies become possible in collaborations across species, organisms and bodies, and she explores these questions through sustained and experimental engagements with politics, biopolitics, change (social, corporeal, chemical, reactive) and the complex relations between the human and the non-human.

Kira O’Reilly: Untitled (Bodies), edited by Harriet Curtis and Martin Hargreaves, is the first book to offer an in-depth engagement with her many works across diverse formats. Bringing together writings by major artists and thinkers, such as Marina Abramovic, Shannon Bell and Tracey Warr, alongside extensive documentation of the artist’s work from two decades of practice, the contributions engage with such topics as ideas of performance, feminist political aesthetics, biotechnical practices, image-making and the intersections of humans and animals. The book also includes interviews, archive material and O’Reilly’s own writings.

The publication is supported by King’s College London, Queen Mary University of London, Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP: an innovative four year collaborative arts programme co funded by the European Union), the Live Art Development Agency and Arts Council England.

To buy a copy, visit Unbound.

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Kira O’Reilly: Untitled (Bodies)