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YKON Dinner Games

DINNER GAMES is a 2-day workshop playing with the social format of the dinner and developing new interactions around it. During the two-day, hands-on workshop participants develop a dinner format from scratch. We create a menu, revisit and modify established notions of behaviors, develop new social rules, and redesign our table hardware. The project starts at the dinner table, but its wider aim is to look at tools and tricks to transform everyday activities.

The elements developed during the workshop were tested in a closing dinner event, where external guests were invited by the participants to enjoy a menu of different courses and interactions.

YKON is a German-Finnish artist group, founded as an artistic initiative and platform for exploring utopian fantasies and the political imaginary in relation to concrete sociopolitical structures and concerns. Emerging from and working in the field of contemporary art, YKON merges the language and approaches of a number of disciplines, such as game design, scenario development, experimental education, dynamic facilitation, social architecture, alternative economies. Apart from participating in exhibitions in biennials and exhibition spaces internationally, YKON regularly give lectures and talks on the topics of ‘micronations’ and utopian communities.

Artists: YKON artist group (Christina Kral, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Pekko Koskinen)


Gallery -

Finland 21-22 May 2016

Harakka Island, Helsinki

ARTIST_ YKON artist group