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SKUBI and Bit.Fall

The project timeframe was one month altogether, from the design to the implementation. Valyo (City and River Association) artists met a community of Danube lovers to discuss the relationship between water-river-city-citizens via Julius Popp’s Bit.Fall water installation. The result of the artists’ residency is the so called SKUBI project that was presented to the audience along with Bit.Fall as part of the DunaPest Festival.

SKUBI is a mini exhibition space in which anyone can create his own piece of arts, regardless of age and occupation. One side of the wooden box has a transparent glass on it, the other has a little hole to peep inside. The artworks inside the 20×20×40 cm space of the box can be made with the easiest tools or even with the most sophisticated techniques. Texts, figures, writings or objects can appear inside. Any kind of topic can be exhibited in the SKUBI installations. As you look inside the SKUBI boxes and turn it to the light, the stories inside become visible. You can use a flashlight to use the SKUBI at night. In the basic version, you use three layers in the inside space, but this number can be decreased or increased according to the creativity and skills of the artist. The layers are transparent in order to give the illusion of three dimensions.

Ninety SKUBIs were placed at the banks of the Danube. We hope that we will revoke some memories of the audience about the river, and make them think about the Danube as part of our lives, floating through Europe.

Bit.Fall is a water installation where water is used as a medium between information regarding current affairs and the viewer. It is an interdisciplinary work, using art and science to analyse relationships between humans and nature as well as becoming human through cultural and natural conditioning.

Artists: Valyo – ’City and River Association’, Julius Popp


COMMUNITY_ Those people who registered to share their feelings and discuss their thoughts on the role of the river Danube in Budapest and feel that city-river-water themes are important for the citizens’ well-being.

ART FORM_ Visual arts. The residency and collective thinking resulted in creation of SKUBI boxes and an exhibition of SKUBI creations presented with Julius Popp’s Bit.Fall water installation.

CONTEXT_ Water, Danube, city and citizens

16 June 2016 - CONCLUDING EVENT: SKUBI and Bit.Fall exhibition opening

Bit.Fall is a water installation where water is used as a medium between information regarding current affairs and the viewer.

Gallery -

Hungary 16 May - 16 Jun 2016

Ludwig Museum, Budapest


PARTNER_ Ludwig Múzeum