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Artistic Events

SKUBI and Bit.Fall exhibition opening

Valyo (City and River Association) worked with a community of people, including young people and some invited artists to work on the idea of what the river Danube means to people living in Budapest. The residency timeframe was one month altogether. The residency resulted in a community project called SKUBI that was presented to the wider public on 16 June along with Julius Popp’s Bit.Fall water installation – as part of the DunaPest Festival.

Bit.Fall is a water installation where water is used as a medium between information regarding current affairs and the viewer. It is an interdisciplinary work, using art and science to analyse relationships between humans and nature as well as becoming human through cultural and natural conditioning.

SKUBI is a mini exhibition space in which anyone can create his own piece of arts, regardless of age and occupation. One side of the wooden box has a transparent glass on it, the other has a little hole to peep inside. Texts, figures, writings or objects can appear inside. As you look inside the SKUBI boxes and turn it to the light, the stories inside become visible.

Ninety SKUBIs were placed at the banks of the Danube. We invited all the people who participated in the residency programme and the Festival attracted many people to attend the opening of the exhibition and the closing of the residency programme.

SKUBI and Bit.Fall


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