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Reform 75/100

Bernadette Wolbring’s practice derives from an interest in lens-based media, often starting with found material which is then channelled through various media. Through gestures of appropriation and recontextualisation her work examines how social structures are shaped and how norms are defined.

In her work abstraction is used not only to make complex correlations more easily understandable, but also to mimic codes that are used to claim scientific authority, and, ultimately, to demonstrate alternative aesthetics that allow for a more open reading.

Reform 75/100 is a Feminist project addressing the gender pension gap by techniques of data visualisation, sewing and dance. The artist led a collaborative workshop where participants designed umbrellas with experimental visualisations of the 75/100 statistic.

In the final event the data umbrellas were used as props in a street dance performance inspired by the ‘bartitsu’ self-defence technique, and then installed as an exhibition at the Maunula house.


COMMUNITY_ Saunabaari Community Centre

CONTEXT_ Collaborative Media Art Commissions Helsinki

Gallery -

Finland 17 May - 25 Aug 2017

Maunula, Helsinki

ARTIST_ Bernadette Wolbring