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EEEFFF was founded in 2013 by Nicolay Spesivtsev and Dzina Zhuk, independent artists, artistic researchers and facilitators based in Moscow and Minsk. The group explores technology’s impact on humans and explores means to hack the present in order to find alternative tomorrows. eeefff combines artistic practices with computer science, economics, science fiction and the creation of software and hardware hacks and tools. is an online game for “future trading” within a community of teenagers. In a workshop at the youth house, the participants shared their future goals and invested in each others dreams. The game evolves on the platform, created by eeefff using blockchain and other online technologies of collaboration.


COMMUNITY_ Youth House Maunula

ART FORM_ media art

CONTEXT_ Collaborative Media Art Commissions Helsinki

Gallery -

Finland 5 May - 21 May 2017


ARTIST_ eeefff: Dzina Zhuk, Nicolay Spesitsev