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Maunula Athmospheres

La Jetée is the collaborative practice of Paolo Patelli and Giuditta Vendrame working at the intersections of space, society and technology. They manipulate research, design and art practices into forms and discourses.

In Maunula Atmospheres La Jetée explore the relationships between a community and the atmosphere within and around it. From photographs and videos contributed by Maunula residents, they focus on the horizons, clouds and atmospheric events, and create a piece where the constantly changing skies assume the main role.

The atmosphere is a global commons going beyond national boundaries or authority; a “no man’s land” that surrounds everyone. Clouds assume new shapes and compositions, the sky is of new colours. The act of looking at the sky suggests the possibility of a wider spatial and temporal horizon; it stretches our gaze beyond the figures in the foreground. Maunula Atmospheres explores the relations between subjective everyday experiences and the atmosphere. The aim is to trace local perceptions of the skies and create a common archive of atmospheres from private records.

La Jetée’s residency with m-cult initiated their new research into atmospheres. During their stay in Helsinki, they opened a ‘reception desk’ at the Maunula media workshop and visited collections of local organisations while building a first prototype of the generative film on the Processing platform. A public projection was organised in Maunula at the end of the residency, and the final film/installation will be presented in Helsinki in 2017.

Artist: La Jetée (Paolo Patelli, Giuditta Vendrame), IT


COMMUNITY_ Residents and communities of Maunula neighbourhood

ART FORM_ Media art, Public art

CONTEXT_ Collaborative Media Art Residencies Helsinki

Gallery -

Finland 6-19 May 2016

Maunula, Helsinki

ARTIST_ La Jetée, IT