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Martial Law

Anastasia Artemeva is a visual and relational artist, born in Russia, raised in Ireland, and based in Helsinki, Finland. Her work is developed through a process-oriented artistic practice, drawn from object making, performance art, art education, and research in human rights.

Martial Law is a site-specific project which re-imagines the WW1 trenches at a local Maunula park. The artist engaged in on-site dialogues with convicts doing community service to restore the trenches, residents of a nearby service home, and park visitors. A narrative interweaving facts, fiction and memories of war with thoughts of safety and confinement was created, and experienced by park visitors via an audio helmet.


COMMUNITY_ KRITS National probation and after care association, Helander service home

ART FORM_ sound art, collaborative art

CONTEXT_ Collaborative Media Art Commissions Helsinki

Gallery -

Finland 15 May - 30 Sep 2017

Maunula, Helsinki

ARTIST_ Anastasia Artemeva