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Kollab talkshops

KOLLAB is a series of discursive workshops, or ‘talkshops’ on collaborative art practice produced by m-cult.

The aim of the KOLLAB talkshops is to support critical discourse formation within collaborative arts by inviting practitioners to exchange perspectives on their practice, its place in society and the expectations and transactions involved.

Each talkshop includes two case studies of art projects relevant to the talkshop theme presented by their makers. An invited commentator provides critical reflection on the projects and is joined by other participants of the talkshop. The talkshop kicks off with a lunch buffet and keeps participants happy with further refreshments.

The three first KOLLAB workshops were moderated by artists and curators from m-cult’s CAPP team. The talks were edited for publishing on the kollab web platform.

Welfare and Exploitation (May 18 – moderator Jussi Koitela) Is there an ongoing struggle between the practitioners and funders of art? What is the relation of artistic work to the notion of usefulness? How are concepts of welfare and exploitation framed in your practice?

Politics of Participation (June 1 – moderator Arttu Merimaa) How is the political staged in collaborative arts? Does entering the territory of the common and the shared always require the artist to assume a political position?

Social Technologies and Art (June 10 – moderator Minna Tarkka). Do open technologies, contents and data really support a more democratic society? What happens to participation when it is mediated via technical interfaces?

Artists: Katriina Rosavaara, Pia Lindy, Ahmed Al-Nawas, Jussi Koitela (moderator) / Kaisa Salmi, Johanna Raekallio, Minna Henriksson, Arttu Merimaa (moderator) / Andy Best, Jaakko Pallasvuo & Anni Puolakka, Heidi Tikka, Minna Tarkka (moderator)



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Finland 18 May - 10 Jun 2015

M-cult, Helsinki

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