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CAPP Artist in Residence at UCD Parity Studios 2017

The CAPP Artist in Residence at UCD Parity Studios 2017 is supported by UCD in the Community, College of Social Science and Law and through a new partnership with Create and the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme.

With the exciting new partnership between UCD Parity Studios and Create, this 2017 residency is further supported through Create’s Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) which is funded by Creative Europe. CAPP’s Residency Programme seeks to explore new models of arts participation and cooperation and encourages exchange of artist’s methodologies and practices in context.

The principal aims of the scheme are to support mutual exchange between the artist and College staff, students and researchers and to explore areas of research, current and prospective, through the lens of artistic practice.


ART FORM_ Visual Arts

Gallery -

Ireland 2017-18


ARTIST_ Glenn Loughran