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Candy Star

Juli Reinartz is a Berlin-based choreographer and dancer whose practice involves site-specific interventions and configuring collaborations between the stage and the audience.

Her current interest is how our bodies are treated as an endless material potential, how our life and vitality have become a central focus of today’s economic and social policies.

The images of what our bodies are meant to be, feel and be able to fulfill are all-pervasive. During her residency, Reinartz explored practices that allow us to navigate through a visually overloaded environment.

The project was conceptualized as a dance workshop with young people aged 9 to 13 years. Their bodies are involved in a constant change – and in a daily practice of copying, sharing and following images. In the workshop, Reinartz and the participants reflected on what the images do to our feelings.

What desires lead us to adapt or ignore images? What are our future bodies made of?

Three projectors displayed sequences of images and videos, making the workshop/performance space an interface to the digital environment. The choreography included solo, duet and group parts that explored modes of relating to the images – adapting, copying, ignoring, watching, merging, camouflaging and hiding.

Dance became a way of creating a body in action, of empowerment, claim and surprise.

The workshop culminated in a public performance at the Maunula Church. The choreography and media for the performance were co-created with the participants. The artist was assisted by Kaisa Kukkonen (dance workshop) and Maria Candia (media remix).


COMMUNITY_ Children aged 9-13

ART FORM_ Dance, performance, media art

CONTEXT_ Collaborative Media Art Residencies Helsinki

Gallery -

Finland 31 May – 11 Jun 2016

Maunula, Helsinki

ARTIST_ Juli Reinartz, DE