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Art Gym

The fourth floor Spring 2016 exhibition at Tate Liverpool encompassed two parts – We Have Your Art Gallery and Art Gym.

The residency started with We Have Your Art Gallery wherein Turner Prize winners, Assemble, staged a kidnapping of Tate Liverpool and have supported Tate Collective to enter into ransom negotiations with the gallery’s curators and directors. Assemble took on the role as the middle man and communicated the negotiations between Tate Collective and Tate Liverpool staff members while working critically with the former to unify the young people’s ideas.

These have been conducted via a series of ransom notes where ideas were exchanged, bartered over and remodeled. The demands made by Tate Collective focused on how the gallery might be remodeled to embrace a new approach, one with collaboration and different sources of creativity at its heart. Examples of these demands ranged from the gallery ‘to be open 24 hours’ to making ‘a manifesto to tell us why the Tate matters to Liverpool’ as well as ‘learning from art and artists’.

An agreement was reached to transform the gallery space into a temporary art school; putting creativity at the heart of public space.


COMMUNITY_ Young people

ART FORM_ Visual art

7 - 31 March 2016 - CONCLUDING EVENT: Art Gym

Tate Collective produced Art Gym following on from the negotiations that took place during We Have Your Art Gallery.

Gallery -

UK Mar 2015 – Mar 2016

Tate Gallery, Liverpool

ARTIST_ Assemble

PARTNER_ Tate Liverpool