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Shades of Agency

The Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) is an ambitious transnational cultural programme focusing on the dynamic area of collaborative arts.  Shades of Agency is the second CAPP Staging Post, hosted by M-cult.

Collaborative, socially engaged arts redistribute the agency of art-making among artists, participants and institutional contexts.  In this event we will address the complex negotiations involved in the production and presentation of collaborative projects.

What types of roles are framed for the participants of collaborative projects?  What is the nature and degree of influence they can exert on the process?  How do museums, galleries and other institutions affect the projects they commission?  What kinds of social practices and contracts should guide the collective authorship, and how to respond to potential conflicts of interest?  How should the artist navigate the contexts and affects involved in the creation of a collaborative piece?

The event format is a ‘cafe discussion’ with short provocations from invited speakers and screenings.  Join the event and share your experience with our 40 international guests from CAPP network.

Michael Birchall (Curator and Researcher, Tate Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University)
Heidi Tikka (Artist and Researcher, M-cult and Aalto University)
Eila Hämäläinen (Arts & Crafts Pedagogue, Maunula)
Tellervo Kalleinen (Artist, YKON)

Screening of work:
Valentina Karga – Our Coming Community, 2017 (10 mins)
Riikka Kuoppala & Thomas Martin – Maunula, 2017 (27 mins)

Minna Tarkka (Director and Curator, M-cult)
Susanne Bosch (Artist and Researcher, CAPP)

Gallery -

Finland 15 June 2017