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Partner Meetings

Second Partner Meeting 2017

The second Partner Meeting and Staging Post in 2017 will take place in Helsinki and will be hosted by m-cult, our Finnish partners.

The focus of the artists’ presentation at the CAPP Helsinki event revolve around the concept of agency in collaborative arts, commencing with an artists’ reflective session on June 14th, facilitated by Tellervo Kalleinen.

Tellervo is a key figure in Finnish collaborative arts. She studied at the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts (where she now is a professor for the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence) and with Marina Abramovic at Braunschweig Hochschule für Bildende Künste. Together with her partner Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen they have produced seminal and internationally acclaimed works such as People in White and the Complaints Choir. Beside her visual/collaborative arts practice, she also performs as a singer/ musician.

In the artists’ session she will encourage the participants to share their residency/commission experiences focusing on how agencies are distributed between artists, participants and commissioners.

Finland 14-16 June 2017