Impossible Glossary ed2

Impossible Glossary ed2

PARTNER_ Hablarenarte
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Impossible Glossary ed2

Impossible Glossary ed2

PDF by Various authors (English, Spanish)

Impossible Glossary is an editorial project by hablarenarte that follows the CAPP project until 2018. The compendium of this second and printed edition of 2018 is comprised of ten chapters. In June 2016, we presented a digital first edition with texts and interviews related to the terms agents, autonomy, authorship, context, collaboration, work, and return. This material constitutes the basis for the present print edition, in which some of the contents of the digital version have been modified and new keywords – trust, failure, and institution – have been added.


This is the consideration underlying the title of our publication. It is indeed a glossary, as at first glance it follows the classical format of definitions or references to words that are all related to the same specific subject or discipline. However, our publication also contributes an important processual component by characterizing itself as “impossible.” Our intention with this book is that the more than thirty voices contained herein, would faithfully reflect the discursive discrepancy surrounding this subject.


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Editorial concept and general coordination: hablarenarte
Graphic Design: Jaime Narváez
Translations (Spanish to English): Toni Crabb, Jonathan Fox, Wade Matthews, Douglas Pratts, Nuria Rodríguez Riestra
Copyediting and proofreading (Spanish): Miriam Querol and Álvaro Villa
Copyediting (English): Jonathan Fox
(cc) of this edition, hablarenarte, 2018
(cc) of the texts, their authors
(cc) of the translations, their translators
(cc) of the images, their authors
ISBN: 978-84-697-9220-9

PARTNER Hablarenarte