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Youth Urban Design Workshop

This week-long workshop with Jon Garbizu and David Marti of Todo Por La Praxis (TXP Spain) and a group of young people from Callan and surrounds, aimed to explore diverse and unconventional ways of activating public space for young people in a small rural town. Building on previous architecture and design focused projects in Callan, this workshop was designed to be relevant to young people from across Ireland taking as a central theme and guiding principle

“How do we inhabit our towns as young people?”

The Youth Urban Design Workshops with TXP began with collaborative design work, with modest, temporary, built structures made through the week highlighting the limited services/resources for young people beyond traditional sporting grounds and school services. These workshops acted as a prototype which will be expanded with the construction of a permanent outdoor youth space. The group of young people, with TXP, and supported by Callan Workhouse Union, also engaged with local authorities and in particular the County Council Forward Planning Department to feed into strategic plans for the county and determine how these workshops and this research might be relevant to other Co. Kilkenny towns, and to other young people in small rural towns in Ireland.


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Ireland 8-13 Jan 2016

Workhouse Union, Callan, Co Kilkenny

ARTIST_ Todo Por La Praxis