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The Urban As Collective Space

The theoretical and practical working basis for the workshop, “The Urban as a collective space”, is the idea of public space. It focuses on the privatization of that space and on possible responses that employ strategies based on the collective practices of urban art.

In order to fully explore these matters, the workshop lasts five days, two of which concern theoretical considerations with an emphasis on the presentation and explanation of different collaborative street actions and strategies relating primarily to the defense of the public space. The other three sessions are dedicated to the preparation and carrying out of collective interventions by workshop participants.

The Madrid based artist DosJotas deals with the city as a field of artistic action and intervention, not from a formal, aesthetic perspective but using it as a platform to forge debates, for questioning and criticizing our society, our habits and ideas. Putting his main interest in the political sphere, the interventions often include statements on local or global political themes, such as gentrification or the economic crisis in Europe.


Gallery -

Spain 26-30 Jan 2016

Centro Huarte, Pamplona

ARTIST_ Dos Jotas

PARTNER_ Hablarenarte