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The Theatre of Our Bodies

The Theatre of Our Bodies is about women’s bodies. It’s about our ordinary, fleshy, memory-filled bodies. It’s about our senses and how we experience the world around us through them. It’s about our awareness of our bodies socially and culturally and about how we express ourselves every day through physicality.

It’s about the stories our bodies carry, from the tiniest detail to the special or significant event. It’s about the space our bodies occupy around us in city life and private life. It’s about our insides and our outsides, our anatomies, our imaginations, our traumas, wounds and scars, our joys, our cycles and our birthing, our pleasure and joy.

It’s about the way we present ourselves to society, dress, behave, move about. It’s about our diversity. It’s about articulating, validating and celebrating our physical presence in the world.


Gallery -

Ireland 11 May 2015

Fringe Lab, Dublin

ARTIST_ Anna Furse