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The Age of Participation

Twenty-three artists attended the workshop from a variety of art forms: dance, singing, fine arts and applied arts, film, animation and theatre. The aim was to enable the artists to form new artistic relationships and have access to different art forms when dealing with social issues and audiences/participants. The workshop started with the viewing of the theatre performance Sculpture, performed by Káva actors, and involving an audience of secondary school students.

The Sculpture theatre piece was created as a collaborative-participative theatre project on the issue of involving communities in decisions relevant to them. Observing the joint artistic process followed by the analysis of the professional work let the workshop participants examine the triad of artist, artwork and community. During the 3-day workshop many fundamental questions came up about the complexity of the creative collaborative art process. The aim of the workshop was to show participants the creative opportunities of community art processes within their own art forms.

The 4th day allowed the participants to share their own collaborative project ideas with each other in front of a professional panel, receiving feedback and further recommendations and ideas.


Gallery -

Hungary 11-13 / 20 Sep 2015

Káva Studio, Ludwig Museum, Budapest

ARTIST_ Káva Group

PARTNER_ Ludwig Múzeum