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St Helens Skatepark Project

St Helens town centre will have a new public artwork in 2018 – that will take the form of a skateboard park and public space.

Studio Morison, Heather Peak and Ivan Morison have been commissioned to develop the design. The artists, who are leaders in public art and public space, have been researching with St Helens skateboarders and skateboard experts since Spring this year.

As part of the research 40 skateboarders from St Helens travelled with Studio Morison to Stoke Plaza Skate Park and Projects in Manchester and Preston for inspiration.

The project is being lead by a committee that includes Heart of Glass, Merseyside Police, St Helens Council, 51st Skate and the local skateboarding community. Studio Morison are developing workshops with the committee and the skateboarders to ensure the design will be suitable.

The project successfully gained funding from POCA (Proceeds of Crime Act) and Heart of Glass through their Art Council England Creative People and Places fund and CAPP (A Creative Europe funded programme) investments.

Patrick Fox Director of Heart of Glass said: “The popularity of the trip to Stoke with Studio Morison and local skateboarders really showed us the appetite for this project. The passion of Heather and Ivan is matched by the skateboarding community and I think this is a brilliant opportunity to create something special for St Helens. It has been a long time coming for the skateboarders of St Helens to have an area to develop and showcase their skills – as well as a unique and beautiful space. No other town or city will have a park like this – a bespoke public artwork that will elevate the way people experience skateboarding in the town.”


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UK 2017 - 2018

St Helens

ARTIST_ Studio Morison, Heather Peak, Ivan Morison

PARTNER_ Heart of Glass