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Sensitive Observers

AFFECT Module #1: Sensitive Observers, we are the world and how to construct social platforms for it

Sensitive Observers is a month-long workshop about social constructions for participatory art projects, which are purposely created to either fail, confuse and disturb or to help, change and succeed.

In this workshop Danish artist Stine Marie Jacobsen introduced various participatory methods and constructions both in- and outside the art world and studied their different uses of and relation to language, metaphors and ethics. More concretely, the workshop investigated and discussed projects that use role-playing, gaming, journalism, conversations, mapping, crowdsourcing, and the good old method of listening and looking.

How do artists, corporations or institutions in general use the term “participation”?

What kind of spaces are people (or consumers) offered to participate and be “active” within?

What kind of socio-political projects are being created around the world and what criteria are they evaluated upon?


Gallery -

Germany 4-30 May 2015

Agora Collective, Berlin

ARTIST_ Stine Marie Jacobsen (DK)

PARTNER_ Agora Collective