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Residency at Tabakalera – Harrotu Ileak!

Tabakalera has many open, unprogrammed areas known as “street spaces.” With the arrival of cold, rainy weather in the fall, these tend to be occupied by groups of youths.
Tabakalera’s mediation department has always been especially interested in working with this collective, and in the framework of the CAPP program, Tabakalera and hablarenarte jointly organized a program for residencies between January and June, 2017, focused on mediation with adolescents who frequent the cultural center. They invited artist and educator Felipe Polania and San Sebastian creator Oihane Espuñez to work in close collaboration with Tabakalera’s mediation department.
With the slogan Tabakalera is yours, too. Learn to love and defend it!, the project Harrotu ileak! proposes a dual approach: on one hand, it encourages youths to rethink the surroundings they are using, to consider them their own and to become involved with them from the standpoint of rights and responsibilities. And on the other, it seeks to foster institutional reflection on how Tabakalera’s public spaces can be used and occupied.
Harrotu ileak is co-produced by hablarenarte and Tabakalera’s mediation department in collaboration with residents Oihane Espuñez and Felipe Polania, accompanied by external observers Gorka Bereziartua Mitxelena and Samira Goddi. Through its mediation department, Tabakalera continues to work with adolescents in Harrotu ileak!


Gallery -

Spain 2 Jan - 31 Jul 2017

San Sebastian

ARTIST_ Felipe Polania, Oihane Espuñez

PARTNER_ Hablarenarte