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Residency at AcVic – Afluents

The QUAM workshops by  Santiago Cirugeda and Francesc Muñoz, co-produced by hablarenarte and ACVic in the CAPP framework during 2015 and 2016 brought out the opportunity of working with and on the neighborhood adjacent to the Art Center, especially Vic’s Adoberies quarter.

One outcome of Santiago Cirujeda’s workshop was the founding of  the A+ group, that unites artists, architect and inhabitants of Vic with a shared interest in the las Adoberies neightorhood. This collective presented its work at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, and continues to work on the Las Adoberies neighborhood in Vic.

In order to insure that the residency project has the maximum possible impact on the local setting, we have decided to assign the role of local partner to A+ for this project. Members of that collective will map the neighborhood as the basis for this project, which draws on materials gathered during the earlier workshops on las Adoberies.

This challenge was issued to Sthe Bristol-based artist Seila Fernández Arconada, a multidisciplinary researcher exploring collaborative and participative art methodologies, their hybrid borders and their experimentation with social processes.

Along with the A+ collective—a group of artists, architects and Vic inhabitants linked by a shared interest in the Adoberies neighborhood—Fernández Arconada generated the project Afluents. Together, they worked with the neighborhood and other citizens initiatives to raise ecological awareness of the Mèder River that runs through the quarter as a silent witness to Vic’s industrial past and present.

Afluents was carried out between May and December 2017 as a co-production of hablarenarte and ACVic. It was accompanied by external observers Toni Coromina and Anna Recasens.

More information in Seila´s blog on the project:



COMMUNITY_ inhabitants of the Adoberies neighbourhood in Vic

ART FORM_ Collaborative

Gallery -

Spain 1 Feb - 31 Dec 2017


ARTIST_ Seila Fernández Arconada, Collective A+, other local cultural and social agents

PARTNER_ Hablarenarte