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Ordinary Landscapes

Ordinary Landscapes, Emergent heritage: Landscape as Collective Creation. The workshop brings together around thirty researchers from different disciplines and a variety of countries. Francesc Muñoz proposes jointly conceiving intervention and management projects based on the relations between heritage and cultural practices. These projects should be capable of creating elements that configure the landscape in urban spaces.

The course is based on two main ideas:
• The value of ordinary landscapes of the sort that embrace or once embraced everyday life and have thus been a shared asset representative of a local community.
• Landscape’s capacity to multiply the qualities and attributes of public space.

The proposals conceived in this workshop will place value on the environmental and cultural heritages of urban landscapes, exploring the possibilities of economic revitalization, innovation and creativity through intervention and management of landscapes. They will also outline possible future initiatives that understand territory as a heritage network of urban landscapes on a local scale.

The proposal of this workshop is closely linked to the CAPP Workshop in ACVic carried out in 2015.



Gallery -

Spain 17-22 Oct 2016

ACVic, Barcelona

ARTIST_ Francesc Muñoz

PARTNER_ Hablarenarte