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If you do not pay attention to me…

Sarah Margarita Lewis’s workshop, “ If you don’t pay attention to me, I WILL NOT PAY ATTENTION TO YOU” begins with a thoughtful and discursive proposal that reflects on the individual and the lack of interpersonal attention in contemporary society.

In Sarah Margarita Lewis’s own words: “If we consider the concept of scarcity as the driving force behind an economic model, as well as the incessant overload of information to which we are subjected, what is now lacking is the attention that we are capable of paying. Given that our economic model is based on interpersonal relations, how is our sense of value affected by the attention we pay to others? Can we establish interpersonal relations while simultaneously avoiding the incessant tendency to always think of ourselves first? How could a collective offer a different model for accumulating wealth?”

Sarah Margarita Lewis works as a performance artist, theater director, curator and educator. Combining her experiences in the field of art, Sarah works primarily to facilitate and build awareness of learning processes through theater formats that attempt to level out the hierarchies of knowledge and focus instead on the interdependence of knowing—first and foremost, we are all cultural producers. The structures that she proposes constitute a space for thinking about the role that we believe we play in society, and that we follow in acting for others.


Gallery -

Spain 6-9 Oct 2015

Centro Huarte, Pamplona

ARTIST_ Sarah Margarita Lewis

PARTNER_ Hablarenarte