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AFFECT Module #5: Mittelweg

Mittelweg (The Middle Way) is a workshop in the form of a publishing experiment unfolding throughout the month of September. It takes place on and around a small street called Mittelweg in Berlin-Neukölln, a densely populated area with a high percentage of immigrants that’s been undergoing major transformations in the recent years.

Located in the midst of Neukoln, this workshop seeks to explore various ideas and forms of the in-between—of buildings, bodies, identities, temporalities—as a site of encounter and conflict, a border along which different realities come to meet, an indeterminate space that allows for hybrid engagements to emerge. Shying away from lukewarm compromises and attempts to mix and blend, the in-between here unfolds as the very site of relation, of becoming, of change.

For this workshop, the studio of AFFECT will be transformed into an editorial room functioning as a base from which to explore and reflect upon these ideas, towards the production of the Mittelweg publication. Combining tools and methodologies from anthropology and journalism with artistic vocabularies and approaches, participants are invited to investigate, document, and at times even co-produce the diverse realities and interconnected scales of the local in the immediate vicinity of Agora. Within that context, the medium of the publication offers a space for collectively articulating and discussing these observations and insights, and for eventually making them public, using text, image, sound or other performative means.


Gallery -

Germany 1-27 Sep 2015

Agora Collective, Berlin

ARTIST_ Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga (GR)

PARTNER_ Agora Collective