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Between Menopause and Old Age

The workshop “Between Menopause and Old Age, Alternative Beauty” was part of LADA’s Restock, Rethink, Reflect Three on Live Art and Feminism. It was led by the Mexican performance artist Rocio Boliver for ten women aged over 50 who were selected by open call.

The workshop focused on the possibilities of collaborative approaches and the ways in which working together might open up new possibilities for representations and understandings of some of the issues facing women artists, and particularly older women artists, including the ageing body, disempowerment, and invisibility.

The workshop culminated in a live performance-installation at Chelsea Theatre as part of LADA’s Old Dears public programme.

The workshop participants were Katherine Araniello, Giovanna Maria Casetta, Katharine Meynell, Sheree Rose, Teresa Albor, Kate Clayton, Sarah Kent, Wanda Zyborska, Pascale Ciapp, Helena Waters.

The group have continued working together under the name Sexcentenary and have presented performances and led workshops across the UK including a 2016 DIY project.


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