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Maps to Build Power

This project takes two fictional communities and explores the traces left behind as they pass North to South through an outmoded landscape. Working together, the group respond to dereliction, brownfield and industrial sites, wastelands and forgotten streets exploring how these spaces might inform our sense of self and community. Through structured play, forgotten stories will be unearthed and a midnight meeting between two estranged communities takes place.

This project fuses psychogeography with pervasive Nordic larp (Live Action Role-play) and builds upon Adam James’ work exploring the creation of fictional outsiders, their worlds, totemic-sculptures, proto-politics, languages, rituals and myths.

This project will bring a diverse group of people together for a weekend of workshops exploring community creation methods culminating in a midnight Larp which is a reflection of Dublin’s Northern and Southern outskirts and is an attempt to remap dereliction.

This workshop is open to people of any background that are looking to learn about new ways to form communities, tell stories and reclaim spaces.


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Ireland 3-5 Sep 2015


ARTIST_ Adam James