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I am Hungry: “Related Primates”

This commission was the first collaboration with a Berlin based artist within the program of I am Hungry. I am Hungry is Agora Collective´s platform dedicated to researching and experimenting ways of creating and presenting artistic collaborations. Merging culinary practices through interdisciplinary approaches, I am Hungry will explore the potential to create a support system for original concepts.

Artist Dafna Maimon selected an Ensemble of 8 non-actors with which she developed a performance through a process of rehearsals, occurring bi-weekly over the spring of 2017, where experimentations with empathy-related exercises, play-methods, spirit animal-quests, psychodrama and amateur-movement practices evolve into a language of cathartic-being-togetherness.

The rehearsals and performances were developed in collaboration with artist and choreographer Emma Waltraud Howes. The stage design and costumes together with artist and designer Tea Palmelund.



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