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Exploring the Endotic

AFFECT Module #2: Exploring the Endotic

Exploring the Endotic was developed based on two elements. The first one related to an exploration of the findings of the group Oulipo, relating specifically to the endotic—a term coined by one of its members, George Perec, described in his book The Infra-ordinary.

Contrary to the exotic, the endotic is a very subtle but powerful tool to generate a situated practice from. It is subtle because it looks to the imperceptible of the everyday life, to the visible but hidden details of the space and gestures of the bodies around us. It rescues the astonishment from the forgotten and obvious, trapped by its naturalization. The endotic is a powerful tool because it leads us to read and listen to our surroundings, always looking from unexplored stances.

From this immanent display, the very local traces a priceless threshold from where to approach the complex global. The second element we aim to work with in this workshop is microhistory. This methodological branch of history changed the scale and direction of the historical devices to instead look at smaller events and to listen to the relevance of the unwritten voices of dismissed subjects from hegemonic history.



Gallery -

Germany 1-28 Jun 2015

Agora Collective, Berlin

ARTIST_ Lorenzo Sandoval (ES)

PARTNER_ Agora Collective