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Europe City in Berlin

AFFECT Module #3: Europe City in Berlin: beyond the masterplan

This workshop consisted of a multi-headed investigation through artistic means of a new area in the middle of Berlin whose development is currently taking place away from public awareness. Some of the means employed were: archive research, interviews with the administration, street-mike, jam poetry, photography, street performance, etc.

Following an input on urban geography and interventionist art history, the group created a perceptive mapping of the traces left by different agents of power, ranging from international investment companies and EU’s normative governing down to local neighborhood consulting assemblies and anonymous poster actions.

The goal was to test, compare and experiment with different means of collection and text and image production in order to follow and connect the multilayered, often remote and multiscalar forces concretely building the city (Neil Brenner, New State Spaces).

Outputs of the workshop were left on site as much as via spreadable documents. Means of mechanical, digital and performative reproduction were explored and combined, including newspaper distributed in the neighborhood, one-night shows, and festive formats like processions and parties.


Gallery -

Germany 1-31 Jul 2015

Agora Collective, Berlin

ARTIST_ Yves Mettler (CH)

PARTNER_ Agora Collective