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Dragon Lee

The project was located in Komló where a large number of vulnerable social groups live. The title of the project, ‘Dragon Lee’ is borrowed from a cartoon story written by István Kolompár. The participants came from some difficult social conditions same as the author of the story. They got involved with the help of Belső Tűz Egyesület (Inner Fire Association) which was the local partner of ‘Dragon Lee’.

András Tábori and Tamás Budha started the project with a Chinese shadow-play by puppet artists, presenting Dragon Lee’s story to the participants. This brought the participants closer to the cartoon story and demonstrated the possibility to create an extraordinary theatre piece about their own lives and dreams from a simple storyline.

This was achieved by a two-week workshop that was led by the artists, musicians and drama teachers. All activities were aimed to increase their sense of community with the help of music and drama. A new play was born with the combination of their collaboratively devised ideas and original text. The performance took place in the Community House’s theatre. Friends and families were invited to experience the participants’ achievements and hard work. The production was professionally made and delivered. Audience was thrilled not only by the performance itself, but also the open approach to certain sensitive topics such as poverty, crime and opportunities on stage.

In Komló, there are some graffiti next to the train station that kept the memory of Dragon Lee which were co-created by both artists and participants. The whole creative process will be exhibited and the results will be disseminated in Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest from 30 January 2018.


ART FORM_ Theatre

Gallery -

Hungary Mar - Oct 2017

Komló, Közösségek Háza (Community House)

ARTIST_ Gruppo Tökmag

PARTNER_ Ludwig Múzeum