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Do it twice

Fermín Jiménez Landa’s proposal, “Doing it twice”, involves repeating performances by other artists, including Jiří Kovanda, Roman Ondák, Francis Alÿs o Iván Argote, among others. According to Jiménez Landa, “this second life for performances will allow us to personally experience other peoples reflections upon everyday life, drawing closer to numerous artists by using their works as scores. Thus, our point of departure is not creation itself, but rather a return to a collective model of art production, which allows us to live other people’s experiences and reflections about ways of making and understanding the world around us.”

(Fermín Jiménez Landa works with actions, interventions in the public sphere, video, installations and drawings. He often works around concepts such as balance and equivalence, investment and exchange in order to make us see reality from a point that floats equally between the absurd and the sensible, the innermost and iconoclastic, the empirical and the unverifiable. Fermín has crossed Spain in a perfectly straight line jumping from swimming pool to swimming pool, has conquered a Greek island with a national anthem, has traveled untouched doors, has arranged confetti by colors and has planted redwoods giants in the streets.)


Gallery -

Spain 21-24 Oct 2015

Tabakalera, San Sebastian

ARTIST_ Fermín Jiménez Landa

PARTNER_ Hablarenarte