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Collaborative Arts and young people

Jennie Guy led a three-day exploration of strategies leading to intersections between youths and contemporary art.

The workshop will draw on Tabakalera’s different spaces, as well as on the different communities that coexist at that center. During this process, consideration will be given to possible actions by which contemporary art can strengthen mediation with communities and young people. At the same time, the workshop will delve into the importance of research and of the processes employed in the search for points where contemporary artistic practices and educational spaces intersect.

These sessions draw on Jennie Guy’s past research, which she has carried out in both residences and workshops at various schools and institutions. With her, we will explore and reflect upon different ways of making or doing with others, identifying areas of artistic and pedagogical research relevant to collective work.

Jennie Guy is an artist, writer and curator based in Dublin. She is the founder and director of Art School, a platform that establishes new interfaces between contemporary art and sites of education. She develops workshop and residency programmes that unite artists, students, and educators in substantial research exchanges and partnerships, both nationally and internationally. Her projects generate collaborative art-works, exhibitions, screenings and publications, while remaining primarily invested in exploring artistic process and decisive interventions within educational curricula.


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Spain 13-15 Jul 2016

Tabakalera, San Sebastian

ARTIST_ Jennie Guy

PARTNER_ Hablarenarte