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Check Up, Check In

The first Arts and Health Check Up, Check In, a gathering of arts and health care practitioners and artists who work in healthcare settings, Hosted jointly by Create,, and Dublin City Council’s The LAB against the backdrop of 1916 commemorations, Arts and Health Check Up, Check In will take the pulse of arts and health in Ireland and explore the notion of a shared manifesto for this field of practice.

The event featured:

A presentation from Clive Parkinson of Arts for Health, Metropolitan Manchester chaired by Pat Cooke

A hands-on, manifesto-themed workshop with artists Jesse Jones and Eleanor Philips

Pecha kucha presentations featuring Jennie Moran, Mary Dineen, Marie Brett, Rionach Ni Neil, Alan Counihan, Charlotte Donovan, Marielle MacLeman and Ray Yeates

A panel discussion exploring creative and collaborative practices of resistance and care featuring Prof. Gerry Kearns, Maynooth University, Dr. Austin O’Carroll and artists Dominic Thorpe and Niamh O’Connor


Gallery -

Ireland 29 Jan 2016

The LAB Gallery, Dublin

ARTIST_ Jesse Jones and Eleanor Philips