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Baa Baa Baric

Baa Baa Baric: Have You Any Pull? A Quiet Revolution.

A quiet revolution is taking place. Baa Baa Baric Have You Any Pull? is a twelve year undertaking by artist Mark Storor in collaboration with the people of St Helen’s and Heart Of Glass. The project poses the question: Is the most brutal act of barbarism civilisation?

Confronted by its own set of negative statistics, St Helen’s is a town symbolic of national inequality. In a radical act of rebellion Baa Baa Baric harnesses the powers of creativity, imagination and possibility, refuting labels and challenging the status quo.

An enactment, a visual manifesto and a fairy tale, Baa Baa Baric Have You Any Pull? is an artwork that recognises the mighty strength of our youngest children to take on the challenges of the world, gives older men in St Helens a voice from beyond the grave and communities a platform to share wisdom and dance to a different tune.


COMMUNITY_ Working across a variety of groups and individuals within the borough of St Helens

ART FORM_ Cross art form

creativity | imagination | possibility |

Heart of Glass

26 Sep 2017 Baa Baa Baric

Gallery -

UK From Feb 2016

St Helens

ARTIST_ Mark Storor

PARTNER_ Heart of Glass