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All together now

¿All together now? is an experimental and performative session with a flea-market atmosphere in which to trade ideas, reflections and experiences linked to the collaborative art practices: an open and dynamic process instead of lectures or round-table discussions. The goal is to develop dialogue and direct exchange among artists, theorists and other participants. Rather than prescient agreements or unanimous conclusions, there is a cacophony of voices that reflect the complexity and current multiplicity of these artistic practices.

The event is proposed as an opportunity to present the publication “Glosario Imposible”(“Impossible Glossary”), which hablarenarte has been working on for several months. But, there is no intention of projecting a unilateral consensus. In that regard, there is an experimental format that prioritizes dialogue and the sharing of different points of view.

The activity is designed to generate consecutive encounters in which four or five people converse around each of seven tables. As the participants change in each consecutive encounter, interconnections will be established among the different tables. Thus, as participants move from one table to another, the conversations they construct at each become interlinked.


Gallery -

Spain 31 Mar -1 Apr 2016

Medialab Prado, Madrid

ARTIST_ Various

PARTNER_ Hablarenarte