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In the Age of FOODIE-ism

EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN Module #2: In the Age of FOODIE-ism

Why and how has the quest for ever newer food experiences as a hobby and its legitimising ecological buzzwords become capitalism’s new squared playground for a global creative class?

This workshop will explore the intersections within a multidisciplinary field of tacit and critical knowledge production around the topic of food. Unfolded as learning processes and pursuing artistic research in unfamiliar ways, each workshop module will partly be organised as dérives and detailed planned visits examine alternative food production in Berlin. The participants will have a hands on opportunity to study human relationships to food as based on manifolded connectivities between fractured and problematic multi-species kinships.

Convening practices such as reading, food making and eating, fasting and farting as an integral experimental platform including the act of making art as a collective group manifestation, the workshop will focus on topics like micro organic activity and its meaning for the organic world through such lifeforms as fungus and its underlying cruciality / mycological visions; parasitism and meta-metabolism.


Gallery -

Germany 2-27 Nov 2015

Agora Collective, Berlin

ARTIST_ Tue Greenfort

PARTNER_ Agora Collective