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For AFFECT´s October Module, CONGLOMERATE invites the participants to develop a short “TV Special” based on the theme of “Sacrifice”.

The connotations of “sacrifice” can range from the esoteric (human or animal sacrifice) to the everyday (the sacrifices made when collaborating). In broader terms, sacrifice applies to the human condition and what we are all willing to give up to form a better society, or more sustainable relationships.

The notion of sacrifice has become increasingly relevant in regards to the current refugee crisis (the west asking itself what it’s willing to sacrifice, or refugees themselves being forced to sacrifice the lives they’ve built for safety or a better opportunity for their families).

Sacrifice can also be thought of as a privilege, as it presupposes that there is some excess to sacrifice, and it’s always tied into an economy between dependent agents and their flux.

Through workshops, group presentations and discussion, CONGLOMERATE will work with participants to create a single, final, one-shot (non-stop) “TV Special” composed of various set elements, props, actors, miniatures, costumes, sounds, etc.

The end result will be the symbiotic flow from one segment to another manifested in a 3-5 minute clip. The project is formatted so that both individual and collective efforts are given equal space, yet rely upon each other to exist, and this tension/relationship creates a model to consider an “affectful” way of working. The constraints of collaboration, and using only one shot will be determining factors in the content and dialogue.

The frame of the final event on the 29th October 2016 is a Wrap Party at Agora´s new venue within the created sets which will feature a looping screening of the final one-shot scene.



ART FORM_ Visual Arts, Performance

Gallery -

Germany October 2016


ARTIST_ CONGLOMORATE: Sol Calero, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Christopher Kline, Derek Howard, Dafna Maimon

PARTNER_ Agora Collective