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AFFECT MODULE V: On the role of the collective in an attention economy

If you don’t pay attention to me, I WON’T PAY ATTENTION TO YOU.

Throughout this month working with a group of diverse multi genre artists we will explore possibilities of artistic collaboration while dealing with the question of attention scarcity. Specifically how this scarcity affects, jeopardizes or enhances the experience of working as a collective. Utilizing a set methodology we will leverage imagination to more deeply engage with each other through an economy of attention. Where among other things we will switch roles, rotate authorship, view, observe, explore proposals put forth, and collectively edit and at the end present/perform our assembled findings.
Methodology Exploration: for a collaborative practice. We explore what it means to work together with a group of artists, from several different fields- in order to generate and curate content:

Week 1:Switching Roles: As a group of varying artistic genres there will be a process where we irreverently “steal” one another´s artistic identities. How will the work be impacted if we release ourselves from past notions of artistic identities?

Week 2:Rotating Directorship: While we will be primarily functioning as a collective, rotating directorship, will put executive power in the hands of one person for a specific period. The focus of the group will be on realizing the singular vision of the “director”; for that period of time.

Week 3:Permissive Exploration: Permissive exploration is a strategy for communicating in other ways besides discussion. We would improvise together to generate material. It is about playing and saying YES. It is not about editing, saying no, or casting judgment. The Subject and the Scientist:We would individually create mini-performances/presentations of materials. One person presents while the others observe and take note.

Week 4:Editing Studio: Editing studio is about creating a time and space to essentially curate our generated material. We would collect and assess documentation and critically discuss and make choices about what to further investigate.


ART FORM_ Visual Arts, Performance

Gallery -

Germany September 2016


ARTIST_ Sarah Margarita Lewis

PARTNER_ Agora Collective